How to control the air conditioner with your smartphone

How to control the air conditioner with your smartphone

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How to control the air conditioner with your smartphone: applications and smart devices that allow you to constantly monitor the use of the home air conditioner.

How to control the air conditioner with your smartphone

There are several devices to be installed in the home that behave similarly to a "wifi thermostat" and allow a good margin ofsavingsin terms of energy and maximum flexibility in terms of use.

In short, to be able to manage the air conditioner from your smartphone, even remotely, it will be necessary to install a small device at home that can interface the smartphone to the electrical appliance. The remote control o programming, will take place via a dedicated app, available for Android (Samsung and co), Windows (Nokia and co) and iOs (iPhone).

From personal direct experience, in this article, I will talk about the deviceTadothat makes frombridge between smartphone and air conditioning domestic. In my case, I installed it with Daikin air conditioners but it is compatible with most air conditioners in circulation. Just to name a few: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba, General Electric, Acson, Daewoo, Whirpool, Siemens, Rasonic, Sharp…. In practice, such a device iscompatible with all air conditioners equipped with infrared remote control.

Tado allows simple programming of the use of theconditioner: it's possibleto setweekly schedulesor simply use the remote ignition and management system of the appliance.

What can you do with this device

Thanks to Tado (or other similar devices, as stated I am talking about tado because it is the only one I have managed to personally try) it is possible to manage the air conditioner more easily and you can use your smartphone for everything.

  • It can be used as a chronothermostat, setting, with the smartphone, switching on and off times with daily or weekly programming.
  • The smartphone can be used as a remote control in the same room as the air conditioner
  • You can use your smartphone to remotely switch on the air conditioner by starting the device even outside the home.
  • Still using the application, you can monitor your consumption and highlight which are the time bands of greatest consumption.
  • It is possible to make the hours of greatest consumption of the air conditioner coincide with the time slots in which electricity costs less.

In other words, the smartphone is transformed into the home temperature headquarters. Through the app you can control the temperature of the house, the speed of the fans or configure an energy saving profile (Ecomode) so as not to weigh too much on the bill.

It can handle bothair conditionerswall mounted and portable air conditioners.

How to install the device

The Tado device installs very simply. It can be configured using the infrared remote control even if I have not personally used the remote control.

How did I do it?
I placed the Tado on the cabinet of the equipped wall, the same that houses my Daikin, connected it to the WIFI power supply and after installing the application on my smartphone, I selected the brand and model of my air conditioner and the configuration was done automatically.

What to say?
Refreshing the house before you arrive is really convenient and even the schedules become more reliable.

Unfortunately I do not have a fixed routine to be able to afford a weekly schedule, so I ended up activating the air conditioner in advance with the daily schedule ... Thanks to the application and remote management, I can turn the air conditioner off or on remotely.

How does it work?
In practice, the application uses private servers, able to interface with the device installed in the house which, as mentioned, acts as a bridge between smartphone and air conditioner, wherever I am!

How much

As stated, forcontrol the air conditioner from smarpthone(even remotely) there are many devices and prices are around 150 euros. I admit thatTadoit is a bit more expensive (you can buy it on Amazon with 179 euros and free shipping costs) but it is undoubtedly worth it ... or at least it was for me.

Before purchasing, make all your evaluations and read the product data sheet available on the official Amazon page: Tado, intelligent air conditioning.

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