Excursion on Lake Garda by e-bike

Excursion on Lake Garda by e-bike

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After a few weekends dedicated mainly to running and squash, last Sunday I gave myself aexcursion on Lake Garda by e-bike: about thirty kilometers along an almost totally flat route that made me discover the countryside around Lake Garda immersed in a regenerating silence, especially for those like me who live in a big city like Milan.

With my friend Max I then left Milan Lambrate with the 7:33 am regional train (surprisingly punctual and with functioning air conditioning even if not in all compartments) to arrive at the train station. Desenzano sul Garda at 8:47 am, in perfect time to meet Tiziano, Rideook's guide who would have accompanied me to theebike excursion.

Rideook is an all-Italian company born to offer guided e-bike tours in the Lake Garda area able to put tourists in contact with the territory and to offer experiences that only a local guide is able to provide.

In addition to the guide, Rideook provides excellent quality e-bikes provided by another major Italian company, Brinke, which offers a wide range of e-bikes at a competitive price compared to other international brands.

Among the features of the e-bike tours offered by Rideook, I also appreciate the guarantee that there can be a maximum of 8 participants in order to create a “compact” group that can be best managed by the guide.

In our case there were 6 of us, even better! :-) Here are my excursion companions "posing" in the Garda countryside ...

Rideook, in addition to e-bikes, makes available to all participants included in the tour price a helmet with balaclava it's a chain with padlock. Those who wish can also rent, in exchange for a small surcharge, other accessories such as helmets with bluetooth intercom (to communicate more easily with your partner), Go-Pro camera to resume all phases of the tour e gel seat cover for greater comfort (in my case I brought the seat cover from home! :-)

The eBikes used in the Garda excursion

THE eBike models proposed by Rideook and used by our group are three: the "Allroad"(An Off Road ebike also suitable for road trips, with battery integrated into the frame, with a range of 80 km and on sale on the Brinke website for 1,699 Euros), the"XCR +"(An Off Road ebike suitable for more demanding routes on dirt roads, with an autonomy of 100 km, on sale on the Brinke website at 2,299 Euros) and the"Rushmore”(A multipurpose Trekking Bike with a range of 125 km, for sale on the Brinke website, in the version with automatic gearbox I used, at a price of 2,899 Euros).

eBike Tour Risorgimento

Rideook offers 11 different tours in 8 locations able to satisfy the expectations of families, amateurs or more experienced cyclists, with cultural, food and wine or more adventurous tours.

The ebike excursion that I have chosen from those proposed is the Risorgimento tourdeparting from Desenzano del Garda station along an itinerary of about 30 km dedicated to discovering the history and culture of Lower Garda and with a cost of 75 Euros. Here is the map of the route:

Just a few meters from the station, the route enters the Garda countryside, among vineyards and olive groves of great beauty.

Tiziano, wearing a Rideook branded Nike technical t-shirt (I was tempted to buy one since the merchandising is on sale!) Leads the group at a "calm" and easily sustainable pace for the whole group "without breaking a sweat"Thanks to the support of electric motor of our e-bikes, adjustable according to this logic: using the selector located to the left of the handlebar it is possible to choose the desired "help" mode (eco-normal-elevated) and using the selector located to the right of the handlebar it is possible to select the favorite relationship.

Some ebikes, like the one assigned to me, also have an "automatic gearbox" mode that independently manages all the variables with the aim of minimizing fatigue and optimizing battery life in relation to the slope of the route.

The countryside we cross offers views of remarkable beauty, made even more beautiful by the splendid sunny day we found.

Here is my panoramic shot of the vineyards dedicated to producing Lugana, an appreciated DOC wine typical of this area ...

A particularly suggestive stage of our ebike excursion is the one to the Pozzolengo Castle ...

characterized by well-kept streets that lead to a square with a suggestive view of the surrounding countryside ...

Our ebike excursion in the countryside around Garda continues towards the stage that offered me the most spectacular view of the tour: the tower of San Martino.

There Monumental tower of San Martino della Battaglia, was built in neo-Gothic style in 1880 and inaugurated in 1893 to honor the memory of Vittorio Emanuele II and those who fought for the unification of Italy. The countryside surrounding the tower was in fact the scene of a bitter battle between the Piedmontese army, led by King Vittorio Emanuele II, and the Austrian army, under the command of General Von Benedek.

Inside the tower there is a museum, consisting of three large rooms, where relics, weapons and uniforms relating to the battle and the Risorgimento in general are exhibited.

From the terrace of the tower, reachable via a comfortable helicoidal ramp of about 400 meters that rises with a moderate slope and is therefore accessible to all, it is possible to admire a suggestive view of the southern shore of Lake Garda and the countryside where the battle took place. .

On the horizon, on clear days like the one I was lucky enough to find during my excursion, you can see the Pre-Alps and Monte Baldo.

To make you appreciate the view I propose the video I shot on the terrace of the Tower of San Martino ...

The cost of the entrance ticket to visit the museum and to climb the tower is 5 Euros, included in the registration fee Risorgimento tour proposed by Rideook.

Once we got off the tower, we got back on the Brinke e-bikes and started again towards the arrival point of the tour, again at the Desenzano station where the Rideook van was waiting for us to collect the bikes.

The ebike excursion in the countryside of Lake Garda organized by Rideook was definitely a great experience and I hope to be able to participate soon in one of the other proposed tours that I anticipate below.

Excursions on Lake Garda by e-bike proposed by Rideook

Here is the list of other e-bike excursions organized by Rideook, in addition to the Risorgimento Tour just described:

  1. "Pure Adrenaline" e-bike excursion, departing from Salò. 40 km to be covered in about 4 hours, with spectacular views that open up after sections in the woods. The tour takes place between Valsabbia and Pizzocolo.
  2. "Sapori del Garda" e-bike excursion, departing from Desenzano del Garda. 30 km to be covered in about 3 hours, with an itinerary that develops in the countryside of the Lower Garda, suitable for all types of cyclists and families, complete with tasting in a trusted cellar
  3. "Brindisi with a view" e-bike excursion, departing from Tremosine. 40 km to be covered in about 4 hours, to discover the flavors of Upper Garda, accompanied by the typical local mountain vegetation.
  4. "Verdi Vallate" e-bike excursion, departing from Gargnano del Garda. 50 km to be covered in about 4 hours, between the highlands of Upper Garda and the lake, along the characteristic Strada della Forra.
  5. "Borgo dei Mulini" e-bike excursion, departing from Peschiera del Garda. 40 km to be covered in about 4 hours, with a path that winds along the Mincio River and allows you to discover beautiful Veronese villages.
  6. "Archeoindustria" e-bike excursion, departing from Toscolano Maderno. 30 Km to cover in about 3 hours, a tour through the history and culture of Garda, between the ancient crafts and current agricultural occupations.
  7. "Around the Gulf" e-bike excursion, departing from Salò. 30 km to be covered in about 3 hours, discovering the Gulf of Salò which can be admired from different perspectives, including the suggestive one from the top of the slopes of Monte Pizzocolo.
  8. "Nature and Castles" e-bike excursion, departing from Manerba del Garda. 40 km to be covered in about 4 hours, along a path surrounded by the gentle hills and farms of the Garda towns.
  9. "Dolci Colline" e-bike excursion, departing from San Felice del Benaco. 30 km to cover in about 3 hours, to discover medieval villages, ancient castles and rural churches among vineyards and olive groves.
  10. "Gusto Valtenesi" e-bike excursion, departing from Manerba del Garda. 30 km to be covered in about 4 hours, along a path dedicated to the flavors and culinary tradition of Valtenesi with organized tastings.

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