Muira Puama: doses and contraindications

Muira Puama: doses and contraindications

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Muira Puama, name used to speak of Ptychopetalum ovata, one of the many names by which the tree of power is called. This nickname is not accidental but derives from the aphrodisiac and invigorating properties that are attributed to this type of plant. Let's see if that's true and how it manifests them.

Muira Puama: herbal medicine

In Europe the Muira puama it has not always been used, only since the beginning of the twentieth century but when it arrived it was immediately identified for its properties of sexual stimulant plant. It is its roots that have the aphrodisiac power that attracts many, its roots and branches, as well as its bark.

Muira Puama: testosterone

They have been carried out numerous studies, in France but not only, to understand what effects this tree has, or its roots, on some physical aspects concerning the sexual sphere. Some psychological repercussions were also investigated.

The result is that the Muira Puama it has the power to restore sexual desire on most of the patients that have been studied, and in the treatment of erectile dysfunction there have also been successes. "Mixes" have also been made by combining this tree, the gingko, to improve desire in women, with moderate results.

Muira Puama: effects

Putting aside the effects inherent in the sexual sphere for a moment, we can find the Muira Puama also used as a remedy for more general problems such as stress and nervous fatigue, depression. We find Muira-based natural anti-fatigue and anti-stress remedies and the type of effects that can be obtained by mixing it with other herbs with similar properties continue to be investigated with ad hoc studies.

Muira Puama: ownership

Native to the Amazon rainforest and other neighboring areas, this “powerful” plant can also be used for solve gastrointestinal problems, neuromuscular and rheumatism. They are properties that are less talked about but are just as useful as those of aphrodisiac and tonic for the nervous system.

Muira Puama: it works

Ongoing and previously published studies would seem to claim that it works. It should be noted that at the moment none of the chemical compounds identified in the Muira justifies its appreciated properties, so it is only thought that they are due to the mix of substances contained. Of the phytocomplex, it is said in jargon, consisting of fatty acids and bitter substances such as muirapuamine.

Muira puama: drops

On the market, in Italy, there is the Muira Puama mainly in the form of hydroalcoholic or aqueous extract. In other European countries it works in a similar way and the same is true in folk medicine. The hydroalcoholic extract that was obtained by maceration in a liqueur, such as rum or Cognac, was called "Punch of love".

Muira Puama on Amazon: Capsules

On Amazon and in herbalist shops, as well as in pharmacies, we can also find Muira in capsules. A pack of 180 capsules, for example, it can be purchased with one click, and can be recommended as a help to restore hormonal balance, sexual activity, increase physical energy, the improvement of mood. It can also help soothe menstrual disorders.

Muira Puama: contraindications

Even if it is a tree, it does not mean that the substance obtained from it has no gods side effects that can create problems. In this case they are rather mild but it is always better not to abuse this "drug". We might find ourselves at suffer from stomach and head pain, appearing nervous and too agitated.

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