Gecko in the house: what to do

Gecko in the house: what to do

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Gecko in the house, not dangerous, in 90% of cases, but not even pleasant unless you love animals of this type or you feel particularly alone. When most people notice a gecko in their home they don't react well and want to hunt them. Better understand how to do it without hurting him. There are various natural tricks and remedies for both getting it away and for do not let him enter the house.

Gecko in the house: how to get it out

If we notice him with disgust walking near the kitchen cabinets or on the wall of the bedroom, it is necessary to find a way to get him out of the house. Let us remember at that moment that the gecko in the house if it smells mothballs he certainly doesn't want to stay. By placing it in drawers, crevices or in humid places we are sure that we will not have many geckos between the walls of the house.

Also a cat certainly discourages the gecko, if we love felines, it's a perfect remedy, if instead we don't want to have animals or not cats specifically, we can arm ourselves with a net and try to capture these animals. Thing not sure easy since they are fast and they slip into the cracks or reach heights forbidden to us.

Another trick is to turn a bottle into plastic in a kind of "weapon" loaded with cold water to spray the gecko at home until it understands that it is not appreciated.

Gecko in the house: meaning

Always, the gecko is considered a symbol of regeneration, of adaptability and survival strength, which is why it is also found in world of art and tattoos with these and other similar meanings. Could this news help you to face his presence at home with less panic? I think so, try to think that this animal can in a certain sense be the bearer of renewal and therefore should be welcomed with joy at home, especially in the study of creative freelancers in search of continuous inspiration or freelancers who are waiting for a turning point. .

Gecko in the house - brings good luck

That brings good luck, we can't be sure, it is definitely not a dangerous animal, there are others far worse to dream of at night such as snakes, hairy and non-hairy spiders, terrestrial or even marine predators. Ultimately i geckos are one and only small lizards that do not bother us, they hunt insects and spiders that can be dangerous for humans. In a sense, therefore, the gecko in the house brings good luck.

Gecko in the house: how long it lives

A young gecko reaches sexual maturity between 4 and 5 years of age therefore it lives up to 10 years approximately. Reproduction of this lizard occurs by parthenogenesis in most species.

Gecko in the house: what to do

To avoid the gecko comes into the house, we can find many various tricks that do not require the use of toxic substances for us and for the environment.

For example, we can seal the cracks in doors and windows with silicone or adhesive sponges or clean the most hidden corners of the house, full of insects that entice the gecko. This way, never finding food, they will get fed up and the geckos will leave hoping to find a dirtier home to occupy.

Gecko in the house: feeding

Reptiles harmless to humans, geckos feed on insects harmful such as mosquitoes, flies, moths and midges. We can therefore be calm, in their menu, in their diet, there is no human flesh and there are not even the foods we eat and that we keep in our pantries. No looting, therefore, as can happen when the house is infested with other insects of different tastes.

Gecko in the house and Superpjamas

THE parents and grandparents of children by a few years they will know very well who are the most famous geckos in the house. They are the protagonists of the cartoon dedicated to Superpjamas. If you don't know it, read up on it and watch at least one episode for general knowledge, those who are already a fan can also buy on Amazon a set of charactersit costs only 24 euros.

Gecko in the house in dreams

If instead of seeing a gecko in the bedroom dream it? Let's ask ourselves what the presence of this pet in a dream could really mean. Even if it is not a dangerous animal, this reptile is a little intimidating, but in some homes it gets used to it. You don't get used to dreaming about it and you can also try to avoid doing it, but let's see if it is good or not.

Today, according to interpretation experts from dreams and of the symbols they contain, the gecko should represent the power of observation and perception. Could it be because of his big eyes? Or how does it stop staring at family scenes when it stands on our walls?

We do not know, for now, but we can be sure that dreaming of this reptile can mean renewal and good luck. It is fortunate to dream of it, therefore, and it is also said that a gecko that swoops in our head while we sleep can be a sign of great beautiful surprises coming, but it is a fantasy to be verified. Has this ever happened to you? And then have you won the lottery or found the woman or man of your dreams?

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