Blind dog: how to deal with it

Blind dog: how to deal with it

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Blind dog, to help but first of all to be recognized as such. And above all, without fear of appearing cynical, we must think that with some strategies and a little more "work" on our part, a blind dog can have a really interesting and rich, happy life. Adopting a blind dog can give us a real school of sensitivity and life

Blind dog: causes

It can happen quite often that a dog goes blind, the reasons are really different and many. This could be a deterioration in vision linked to advancing age or damage caused by an accident. There are also congenital diseases that can make a dog blind.

Among the most frequent causes we find lens diseases such as cataracts, retinal degenerations, some inflammation of the optic nerve, glaucoma, some tumors, diabetes or violent blows to the eyes.

Dog blind from birth

It can also happen that a dog is blind from birth, so don't become. In this case, they grow accustomed to not being able to rely on sight to get by. Usually they are the most practical in adapting to environments and people. However, it is always important not to put them in difficulty by moving objects that can disorient them.

Even moving the bowl without a reason, perhaps for distraction, can cause discomfort to a blind dog. Even when we carry it around we try to be careful not to take everything for granted, especially if on the street, with cars.

Blind dog: symptoms

THE symptoms of blindness are not always the same. Vision can drop day by day, slowly, or drop suddenly, sharply and definitively. You realize when you notice that theanimal does not react to light stimuli or is disoriented and bumps into objects that have been moved around the house. If it does not know the environment, a dog that is going blind can also go against walls and doors that it does not know exist.

Blind dog: how to deal with it

A book full of advice not to panic is this "Help, my dog ​​is blind!", Full of ideas and above all capable of making us understand that if our friend is losing his sight, he can continue to live with us, by our side, in a dignified way.

Let's see how to approach a blind dog. It may be that he is nervous and we should not get nervous in turn but go to meet him reassuring him. Let's take him to the vet for a diagnosis on the severity of blindness e to understand if it is a reversible, degenerative or total disease.

Blind and deaf dog

It may happen that a dog is also deaf, as well as blind, and this certainly entails greater management problems. In fact, as happens for people, even for animals a sense partially replaces the one that is lacking. If only blind dogs help each other with sounds, even deaf ones can be found doubly in trouble.

Fortunately, dogs have a much more developed sense of smell than us, this one leads them to have an advantage. To help a blind and deaf dog find his way around the house, we can perfume the different environments with different smells. As if it were a game, for us, and for him, a great reference. So here's that the kitchen smells of pink, the living room of cinnamon, the bedroom of lavender and the bathroom of white musk. The dog will quickly connect smells and rooms.

Blind and elderly dog

Almost all older dogs I'm a little blind. Some more, some less, but it is almost inevitable if they live for ten years or more. In these cases better try not to make them climb the stairs and always keep them on a leash, being careful not to put bulky items along them usual home paths.

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